Hydraulic cylinder construction is a precision work and requires a lot of technical know-how.

Starting with the construction over the  material procurement and the processing up to the manufactured, tested cylinder we deliver a quality product to our customers.

The same applies to offers and orders according to customers drawings in consideration of customer requests.

Only approved materials are used. There is no cylinder leaving the factory without pressure test and dimensional inspection, provided with a Held production number. This number remains visible for years on the product and is archived at Held.

With a modern machine park and a well-stocked material warehouse of cylinder tubes and piston rods, in the short term we can supply turning diameters up to
900 mm x 6000 mm in length.

The construction of the hydraulic cylinders is done by CAD. This allows a clear and optimal engineering, even in complex constructions. Our longtime experience helps us to find the right solution for you.

  • single-acting cylinders
  • double-action cylinders
  • differential cylinders
  • synchronised cylinders
  • tandem cylinders
  • plunger cylinders
  • telescopic cylinders

Furthermore we also carry cylinders of well known manufacturers in our assortment

Hydraulic cylinder
for use in a hydroforming press. For production of special exhaust systems of all motor sport classes, also for "Formula One"

Tube  Ø 920 mm, piston Ø 610 mm, rods Ø 520 mm, rectangular flange 1300 mm x 920 mm x 400 mm. Pressure P-max 500 bar pressing power 1500 tons, tare weight 9 tons.

Hydraulic pressure intensifier
convertible to several transmission ratios. Operating pressure 315 bar, transmission pressure max 4000 bar, stroke 100 mm

Construction drawing of a cylinder

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