Screwed pipe connections are one of the most common and established connection systems worldwide. They are considered as universal standard in the fluidtechnics in markets with main use of the metric system, like Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. But even in markets traditionally using or have been using the Inch - system, like Australia or North America, cutting ring screw connections become more important, due to the ongoing metrication and the internal guidelines of numerous international operating machine manufacturers.

Main advantages of pipe connections

  • easy installation with only two spanners, without expensive tools or the use of external power.
  • Available in ultra light (LL), light (L) and heavy (S) series.
  • For all tubes with common wall thickness and outside diameter between 4 and 42mm.
  • Pressure resistance and leak protection up to 800 bar.
  • Optimized inner contours facilitates volume flows with lowest possible flow resistance.
  • Compact design compared to other connection systems - perfect for applications with restricted installation space
  • Possibility of visual inspection of assembly results on-site by the fitter through visible material throw-up in front of the cutting ring
  • Almost unlimited options concerning the adaption with other connection systems.

Zinc-nickel coating

  • High-quality protection against corrosion, significant more effectiv than zinc.
  • Total layer thickness: 8 - 12 μm.
  • Nickel content in the zinc-nickel-base layer: 12-16%
  • Assembly behavior: good or even very good, coefficient of friction unchanged compared to pure zinc coating
  • Environmental compatibility: comply with EU end-of-life vehicle directive Nr. 2000/53/EG
  • Recoating: generally possibile with usual varnish and corrosion protection coat, if no lubricants used for
    smooth threading action. Trial coats are recommended.
  • Colouring: metallic grey - matt to bluish iridescent, valuable optic.
  • Media resistance: resistant to all common hydraulic media
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