Universal Test stands
GH 4000 B/05-14 and GH 4000 B/08-17E

Our technically mature machine is a real alternative to large scale testing equipment and offers the manufacturers and dealers of fluid technical components and hoses a cost effective opportunity to carry out tests according to or beyond the standards. Even for testing-institutes and laboratories it is an alternative, especially in case of urgent and cost-intensive testing.
Our machine is made from practical workers for practical workers. We know exactly about the needs of the testing because we know exactly the product. We are concentrating 100% on the hydraulics.


  • High testing pressure
    1500 bar impulse test
    1500 bar hydrostatic test
  • Strong performance
    Up to 6 test items simultaneously, 36 different connecting possibilities in the test chamber.
  • Freely programmable PLC
    Latest version of Siemens-PLC with touch screen + console. Customer-specific adjustable to special pressure curves  and figures. User friendly and easy handling.
  • Freely programmable, highly dynamic servo axis (type B/08-17E)
    In all forms movable axis. All figures manipulable in size. User-optimized and easy to control by the PLC
  • Low maintenance
    Particular system of the pressure transmitter, working sealfree in the high-pressure range. Extremly low maintenance and almost wear-free
  • Energy-efficient
    Power rating at the pressure transmitter andjustable to required testing power. For type B/08-17E additionally:
    Automatic adjustment of the axis power to the required figure by servo-electric. 
  • Solid and user-friendly
    Fully approachable work spaces by sliding doors and easy accessible inspection flaps dspite the very compact
    construction. Thereby fast entry to the test chamber, test items and all technical components. Extremly high operator convenience. Fast, easy and secure working
  • Customizable
    Induvidual adaptation to customer wishes and requirements possible.

    Talk to us about your individual requirements and demand your non-binding offer! We look forward to you!

Model GH 4000 B / 05-14
Pressure impulse test DIN EN ISO 6803, hydrostatic test DIN EN ISO 1402.

Model GH-4000 B / 08-17E
Pressure impulse test DIN EN ISO 6803, test with alternating bending DIN EN ISO 6802, half omega test DIN EN ISO 8032, hydrostatic test DIN EN ISO 1402. Optional ISO 6772.

Hose testing in GH-4000 B / 05-14.

Latest Siemens PLC with touch screen + console. The tests are completely realised via the controller, the data are recorded and internally archived or transmitted externally.

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